Turkish Ambassador to Belgrade Aksoy visited Sancak region

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During his visit, Aksoy was accompanied by the Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic and the Consul General of the New Market of Turkey Başar Başol.

Momirovic, in his statement here, drew attention to the fact that although the Sandjak region has been neglected for many years, intense infrastructure projects have been carried out recently.

Stating that the establishment of sewage treatment plants in the Sandjak region is planned, Momirovic said that the construction of the Pozega-Boljara highway, which will start soon, will greatly facilitate the region’s transport and communication with Belgrade. .

Ambassador Aksoy also recalled that many Turkish companies are operating in Serbia and noted that Taşyapı, who is currently working on the Novi Pazar-Tutin road, will also participate in the Sarajevo-Belgrade highway project carried out with the support of Turkey.

Noting that other infrastructure projects will be carried out in the Sandjak region, Aksoy said that various Turkish construction companies will also participate in the projects through cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

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Serbian Minister Momirovic and Aksoy also visited the city of Tutin, where the vaccination rate against the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Kovid-19) is the lowest in Serbia, and received the Kovid-19 vaccine. as an incentive.

Recalling that the number of people vaccinated is high in the cities of Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad and Presevo, Momirovic said: “The epidemic is about to end in these cities. Please let the same situation be called into question in this region. on development projects instead of building hospitals for the treatment of patients Kovid-19 “mentioned.

Emphasizing the success of Serbia in the vaccination activities against the epidemic, Aksoy said: “Serbia is one of the exemplary countries in this regard. While over 40 percent of the country’s population is vaccinated, the situation is a little different in Sancak. for all vaccines, the vaccination rate is 10 percent. A situation. ”He spoke.

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