Turkish declaration by Merkel: we must implement it quickly!

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in her speech to the Bundestag ahead of the EU leaders’ summit, called on the European Council and the Commission to come up with proposals to take action to build partnerships with key countries on migration .

In addition, Merkel said she expects the European Commission to present a concrete proposal for the further funding of EU migration cooperation with Turkey at the summit, recalling that 3.7 million Syrians are registered in Turkey.

Merkel said: “It is clear that we can only resolve current and future migration issues through dialogue with Turkey. As we agreed in March, we as the EU must now quickly implement the dialogue program with Turkey to advance our cooperation on common interests. made his assessment.

Explaining that in addition to advancing the modernization of the customs union, issues such as health, climate protection and the fight against terrorism should be addressed in talks with Turkey, Merkel noted that although ‘there are differences of opinion on the rule of law and the implementation of fundamental rights with Turkey, strategic cooperation should be strengthened.

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Stressing that relations with Russia will also be discussed at the summit of EU leaders, Chancellor Merkel noted that responding to Russia’s provocations without coordination from member states is not enough.

Calling for mechanisms to be developed to jointly respond to these provocations, Merkel said: “This is the only way for us to learn to resist hybrid attacks from Russia. used the expression.

Merkel also said that a program of common strategic interests with Russia should be defined and demanded that the EU contact Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin directly.

Stressing that it was not enough for US President Joe Biden to have a meeting with Putin, and that the EU should also establish meeting formats, Merkel noted that the conflicts could not be resolved in any other way.

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