U.S. statement on Afghanistan: Taliban ensured safe passage for civilians

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US National Security Advisor Sullivan assessed the latest developments in Afghanistan during the White House briefing.

Defending once again that it is time for them to leave Afghanistan and that President Joe Biden’s decision was correct, Sullivan said their top priority is to complete the evacuation operation successfully. and lossless.

Sullivan said the Taliban assured them they would allow civilians wishing to leave Afghanistan safe access to Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport.

Stressing that they expect the Taliban to keep that promise, Sullivan said Kabul airport is open and the operation is continuing.

Asked about the Taliban’s international legitimacy, Sullivan said, “The Taliban must show the international community through its actions what kind of structure it is. he has answered.

Sulivan, who gave the Taliban the green light with these words, said the Taliban can gain legitimacy if they give the right messages to the international community and take the right measures.

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