UFO confession of former American pilots

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UFOs (unidentified flying object) are back on the agenda.

Former American pilots, guests of 60 Minutes, one of America’s famous news programs, made some very talkative statements.

Lt. Col. Dave Fravor and Lieutenant-Commander Alex Dietrich alleged they saw UFOs while on duty in 2004.

Dietrich, a former F / A-18F pilot, stressed that no information had been made to the public about the object they saw that day.

Fravor and Dietrich, who conducted a training flight approximately 100 miles southwest of San Diego on November 14, 2004, also reported that the object in question could descend approximately 25 kilometers in less than a second. .

Fravor and Dietrich said, “We couldn’t classify it with the data we have” about the object in question.

Dietrich said: “We had nothing to defend ourselves. That’s why I felt quite vulnerable. Then when this object suddenly disappeared, I got pretty confused.

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The pilots also claimed that an infrared video of the object in question was taken by another patrol team that was dispatched to the area after them.


The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) has confirmed in recent weeks that the leaked pyramid-shaped UFO images were taken by naval personnel.

Weeks before this announcement, he made a statement by former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe that would reignite the UFO controversy.

Ratcliffe argued that the United States has evidence of objects that pass easily with the speed of sound.

Stating that the objects in question were making inexplicable maneuvers, Ratcliffe pointed out that some of those images have been released.


The Pentagon recently established a new observation unit to investigate UFO footage.

Speaking on the matter, the Pentagon spokesperson announced that the official name of the team is the Unidentified Weather Task Force.

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