UK decision on third dose vaccine

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The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunity (JCVI) announced that, based on trials, third doses of mRNA vaccines would be preferred, but the half-dose Moderna vaccine could be used as an alternative.

Explaining that those who cannot receive the mRNA vaccine due to an allergy can receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, the committee said the third dose will be given 6 months after the second dose.

The committee noted that at this stage, the third dose will only be given to people aged 50 and over, residents of nursing homes, and health and social workers.

JCVI President Professor Wei Shen Lim at a press conference on the matter said that the third doses to be done before 6 months will not produce the targeted effect because the person still has a high level of protection. .

Noting that a new dose may not be needed every 6 months, Lim noted that it was still too early to tell, adding that young people may not need a booster dose, but that the committee will be able to give its opinion on this matter at a later date.

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Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy director of Public Health England, warned that although the vaccines have been “incredibly successful” and have so far prevented around 24 million cases of Covid-19 and 112,000 deaths, there are will have a “bumpy” winter ahead.

Noting that the outbreak has not been left behind and that they are still in the active phase, Van-Tam said there is a high likelihood of a return of respiratory viruses such as influenza during the winter months. .

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