UK Health Minister Hancock’s response to allegation he lied in the pandemic!

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Responding to questions from lawmakers in the House of Commons, UK Health Minister Hancock said the claims made by Cummings yesterday were “false”.

During the pandemic, Hancock always said, “What should I do to protect people’s lives?” he said he was thinking.

Noting that they have an “open and transparent” attitude about what they know and what they don’t know, Hancock; He pointed out that he had been to parliament more than 60 times since January 2020, attending 84 press conferences and answering questions from the public, the media and colleagues.


Dominic Cummings, on the other hand, said in his testimony during the inquest in the UK Parliament, where government policies during the Covid outbreak were reviewed, and that thousands of people have died needlessly due to the government’s “wrong approach” to the epidemic. , and that Prime Minister Johnson was “not fit for the job.”

Cummings said Health Minister Matt Hancock should be fired for 15 to 20 reasons, including “lying.” Cummings also announced that he has repeatedly asked Prime Minister Jonhnson to fire Hancock.

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Britain should have implemented closure measures by early March last year at the latest, according to a former chief adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and a “chaotic atmosphere” reigned in the office of the Prime Minister at that time.

Cummings also claimed Prime Minister Johnson ignored recommendations for shutdown measures for the second time in the country.

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