Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh is the new president of Mongolia

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According to the uncertain results announced by the Electoral Council of Mongolia, Khurelsukh received more than 820,000 votes in the elections, in which around 1 million 75,000 voters voted.

Leading the vote count by a wide margin over the other two candidates, Khurelsukh, 52, declared his victory with this result.

“People trusted me and I will do my best for Mongolia,” Khurelsukh said in a statement. mentionned.

Khurelsukh, who resigned as prime minister in January to run for president, competed in the elections against former opposition Democratic Party leader Sodnomzunduin Erdene and former MP Dangaasurengiin Enkhbat.

With the constitutional amendment brought to Mongolia in 2019, it was decided that the president would serve for 6 years without the right to be re-elected.

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