UN calls for clarification from Germany on police brutality

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In German media, Swiss law professor Nils Melzer called on the German government to explain the police for allegedly using disproportionate force and displaying inhumane attitudes during protests in Berlin.

Melzer said there is strong evidence that police violated human rights during the protests: “There are alarming images. noted.

Referring to the video of a policeman grabbing a woman by the neck and pushing her to the ground, Melzer said: “The woman could have died. used the expression.

Melzer criticized the police for using a self-defense technique rather than simply preventing an administrative offense, even though there was no danger to the woman in the footage.

Noting that each case must be carefully clarified, Melzer said: “Every clear violation of the rules by police officers must have serious consequences. Politicians should not take these incidents lightly. It is absolutely unacceptable that the police only occasionally take life threatening measures. against defenseless protesters. ”makes his assessment.

It has been learned that the German government must respond to Melzer’s request within 60 days.

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