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A participant in the Antalya Diplomatic Forum (ADF) held in Turkey from June 18 to 20, Vitorino said in a statement; Turkey said Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq host the vast majority of Syrian refugees.

Vitorino thanked Turkey and other countries for responding to the needs of asylum seekers and for the promises they have made, and said IOM will continue to support Turkey. Antonio Vitorino stressed the need for “financial commitments from the international community” while urging countries to “continue vital support” to countries that provide funds to regions that open their doors to refugees.

Vitorino also said that relations between the European Union (EU) and Turkey should be updated, he informed the parties, that more efforts should be made to end protracted crises and ensure the peace and security.

Stressing that there is a real need for more new settlements and permanent solutions, Vitorino said: “We must jointly advocate for increased numbers and avenues to be targeted internationally”. used the expression.

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Antonio Vitorino said that with regard to the recent push for refugees to Turkey by Greek border guards, IOM is monitoring the situation very closely and shares its concerns regarding human rights and the well-being of migrants.

Recalling IOM’s call for the EU and its Member States to take “urgent action” against the return of asylum seekers, mass expulsions and to end violence against migrants, Vitorino drew attention to the fact that excessive force and violence against civilians is not justified.

Recalling that repatriation and mass expulsion of asylum seekers is prohibited by international and European law, Vitorino said IOM strongly condemns abuses against immigrants and asylum seekers in all regions borders. “IOM welcomes the European Commission’s proposal,” said Vitorino, referring to the new migration and asylum plan that was proposed last year and is still under negotiation. mentionned.

The IOM Director reiterated their call for equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines, saying they are deeply concerned about the new and dangerous forms of hate speech and xenophobia which are exacerbating the areas of struggle that immigrants are facing. currently facing a difficult time such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Vitorino also called for redoubled efforts to provide vaccines to low- and middle-income countries and to enable migrants to protect themselves and their communities.

Vitorino stressed that conflicts and civil disobedience, climate change, natural disasters and the search for better jobs or better education, which are listed as the main causes of migration, will not happen at the same time. time, and noted that regional cooperation and dialogue between countries is a must.

The IOM Director stressed that migration should be managed with a one-sided approach, that all roads should be addressed with inter-regional approaches, focusing on conflicts that contribute to climate change, insecurity and human rights. ‘instability, and “communities capable of facing challenges”.

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