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The United Nations (UN) Security Council met for the third time to discuss rising tensions between Israel and Palestine and the air strike on Gaza.

Addressing the Council, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the death and destruction in Gaza and Israel has extinguished hope for coexistence and peace, and said conflicts must be immediately ended.

“Rockets and mortars on one side, air raids and artillery bombardments on the other should cease immediately,” Guterres said. mentionned.

Stating that the UN continues to negotiate with all parties for the ceasefire, Guterres expressed his horror at the deaths of Palestinian civilians, including women and children, in Gaza, and regretted the Israelis killed as a result of rockets launched from Gaza.

Recalling the responsibility of all leaders to curb provocative rhetoric and calm growing tension, Mr. Guterres said: “The conflicts not only drag the Israelis and the Palestinians, but also the region into a spiral of violence with devastating and devastating consequences. could create a new danger for the whole region. He spoke.

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The Secretary-General has warned that if the conflicts continue, there could be an unmanageable security crisis and a humanitarian crisis.

Noting that targeting and destroying journalists’ offices in Gaza is of great concern, Guterres said: “Journalists should be allowed to work without fear or harassment.” mentionned.

Calling on Israel and Palestine to end this “insignificant bloodshed, terror and destruction” and to respect international humanitarian and human rights law, Mr. Guterres said: “The only way forward is to have the capitals of the two states rest on the relevant UN resolutions, international law and previous agreements. ”This is Jerusalem, mutual recognition, back to negotiations for a solution to two states where the parties will be at peace and trust together. The longer this cycle of violence lasts, the harder it will be to reach the end goal. “found the evaluation.

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