UN Gaza Appeal to the World: End the Conflict That Turned Children’s Lives into Hell!

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Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, which met to discuss the crisis between Israel and Palestine, Guterres drew attention to the dangerous and frightening proportions of the violence that resulted in death, in especially in Gaza and Israel in the last 10 days.

Stressing that Israeli forces were deeply shocked by the ongoing aerial bombardment of Gaza and that the random rocket attacks against Israel by Hamas and other groups were unacceptable, Guterres called on all parties to reach a ceasefire. fire.

Stressing that the clashes severely damaged civilian infrastructure in Gaza, that hundreds of homes and buildings were destroyed and that the airstrikes damaged hospitals, Mr. Guterres said: “The war has left thousands of Palestinians without shelter, more than 50,000 people had to leave their homes. ” mentionned.

Stressing that he was horrified to learn that nine members of a family had died in the attacks on al-Shati refugee camp, Guterres said: “If there is hell on earth, it is children’s lives in Gaza. The conflicts should end immediately. “

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Guterres reminded Israel of its responsibility to allow rapid and unhindered humanitarian access to Gaza, including food, fuel and medical supplies.

“Even wars have rules. First of all, civilians must be protected. Indiscriminate attacks on civilians, civilian objects violate the rules of war.” “Whether it is the fight against terrorism or self-defense, the parties cannot escape the obligations required by international humanitarian law”. used the expression.

Guterres called on Israel to adhere to international law, including the use of proportional force, and to exercise maximum sobriety in its military operations, and called on Hamas to stop indiscriminate rocket attacks in areas with a large civilian population in Israel.

Guterres also called on Israel to end all settlements and illegal evacuations in occupied Palestine, including East Jerusalem, and to preserve the status of holy places.

Guterres also called on the international community to back the brink and to support all efforts for a two-state solution.


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In his speech, Volkan Bozkır, president of the 75th UN General Assembly, condemned all attacks on civilians and religious sites.

Declaring that there is an urgent need for a ceasefire in Gaza, Bozkır said: “The parties should come back from the brink and respect international law.” mentionned.

Bozkır called on the occupying Power, Israel, to fulfill its obligations under international humanitarian law, including the proportionate use of force.

Noting that Palestinians should not live in constant fear of being evacuated due to the expansion of settler colonialism in the West Bank, Bozkır said: “Evacuating Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah may constitute a crime. of war according to international law. Israeli courts do not have jurisdiction in occupied East Jerusalem. ” mentionned.

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Bozkır called on the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibility and unite on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, which has been on the agenda for a long time.


“We will continue to make all possible efforts to end the occupation and for the rights of the Palestinian people. The people of Jerusalem are protected by international law, and defending the residents of Sheikh Cerrah neighborhood is defending the law.” , said the Jordanian foreign minister. said in a statement. used the expressions.

Qatar’s foreign minister said: “Targeting civilian settlements, the press and humanitarian institutions is a violation of international law.”

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