Unforgettable funeral for the unforgettable actor Jean-Paul Belmondo

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Thousands of people attended the state ceremony held at the Musée des Invalides, where Napoleon’s last resting place is.

While nearly a thousand people were allowed to enter the great courtyard of the monument to the golden domes of the Invalides, thousands of people once again witnessed one of the most moving moments in French history through the giant screens installed in the green space outside the monument.

A funeral ceremony will take place tomorrow with the participation of his family for Jean-Paul Belmondo, the star of ‘Prang Lovers’, one of the emblematic films of French New Wave cinema.

At the Invalides, a ceremony was organized for the legendary French singer Charles Aznavour. Jean-Paul Belmondo also attended the Aznavour ceremony, who died in October 2018.

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