UNICEF’s ‘optimistic’ stance elicits negative reactions

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According to Reuters ‘Emma Farge and Emma Thomasson news, UNICEF, after meeting with the Taliban, made a statement regarding the Taliban’s “positive” view of girls’ education. The statement sparked reactions on the grounds that it was a step to legitimize the Taliban. Here are some reactions on social media:

“Many girls’ rights, including the right to education, will be blocked, but you child rights advocate use this as’ optimism ‘. I hope that one day you will not need the optimism of the Taliban.

“There is no one who has experienced more abandonment than Afghan women and girls, not even one of them has the opportunity to leave the country, to be heard, to receive help. humanitarian, and in this international blindness, there is no scenario in which they can take their example and place their hope.


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Josep Borrell, European Union (EU) High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy, said Turkey “will play a very important role” in preventing Afghans fleeing their country from coming to Europe. Borrell said: “There has already been migration from Afghanistan in the last 3 months. There are and they will arrive in Europe via Iran, Iraq or the Eastern Mediterranean. It shows that we have to work hard with the transit countries. Turkey will play a very important role here, ”he said.

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