Unprecedented environmental disaster in Italy: 30 million bees have been destroyed in the fires!

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As the fight against forest fires, particularly effective in southern parts of Italy, continues, millions of honey bees have disappeared due to the fires on the island of Sardinia.

According to a statement made by Legambiente, one of the country’s largest environmental organizations, to BBC Turkish, it is estimated that at least 30 million honey bees have died in the fires in Sardinia. Legambiente said 650 beehives on the island have been destroyed in the fires so far.

Francesco Caboni, president of Terrantiga Sardinian Beekeepers Organization, which brings together honey producers from the island of Sardinia, said in his statements to the local press: “We calculate that only our members have lost 300 to 600 hives, if the it is considered that there are 50,000 bees in each hive, that means 15 to 30 million bees. “Caboni said they estimate the total island-wide loss is in the thousands of hives.

It is calculated that more than 20,000 hectares of area burned during the forest fires that were effective, especially around the town of Oristano at the end of July in Sardinia.

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Environmental organizations are organizing awareness and aid campaigns after the fires also hit the beekeeping industry. Legambiente has launched a fundraiser to support beekeepers on the island.

Legambiente stressed that bees are of fundamental importance for the restoration of biodiversity in the region.

Association spokesperson Valentina Barresi said in a statement to BBC Turkish that damage to honey bees and other animals is expected to continue to increase in the coming months, and said: “Many Honey bees that survived the fires will also suffer irreparable damage due to the high air temperatures.

Stefano Ciafani, president of the Legambiente association, said the fires and their effects were “an anticipated disaster”. “We reiterate that climate change adaptation and resilience-enhancing interventions, preventive and repressive strategies are needed to tackle such events,” Ciafani said.


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Italian Minister for Ecological Transformation Roberto Cingolani said that although they are linked to climate change, the fires are largely man-made.

“More than 70% of fires are our responsibility,” Cingolani told parliament on Thursday of the fires. The minister said there is evidence showing that 57.4 percent of fires were started deliberately and that 13.7 percent of fires were started by humans but unintentionally, due to a “lack of culture “.

Cingolani also pointed out that it is forbidden to use the burnt areas for other purposes for 15 years.

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According to the statement from the Italian firefighters, 395 forest fires were fought, mainly in the regions of southern Sicily and Calabria, over a 12-hour period, from Thursday evening to Friday morning. As of Friday morning, firefighting was underway with 8 Canadair planes and additional units.

According to the statement from the Civil Defense Agency, 15 Canadair CL415 planes and 5 Erickson S64F helicopters are in use against the forest fires in Italy for the summer of 2021.

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Unprecedented environmental disaster in Italy: 30 million bees lost in fires

In addition to these, 10 helicopters belonging to the forces of the Ministry of Defense, firefighters and riflemen can be deployed against the fires.

In addition, Italy can request additional aircraft from the European Union if necessary. As part of the EU civil defense mechanism, France had sent 2 firefighting planes to Italy.

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