US Department of Justice sues Texas over abortion law

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In the lawsuit filed in Texas Federal Court, the state’s abortion law that went into effect Sept. 1 was declared unconstitutional and the judge was asked to “protect rights violated by the state.” of Texas ”.

The Justice Department noted that the law unfairly violates the constitutional rights of women and violates the U.S. constitutional principle that federal laws are superior to state laws.

In the dossier, it was pointed out that there were concerns that other states would pass “similar laws that violate the constitutional rights of citizens.”

Abortion was banned in Texas after the 6th week of pregnancy, when doctors were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat, enacted on September 1.

Although courts in the United States preclude the application of similar laws in other states, lawyers point out that Texas law differs from others in that it leaves execution to individuals rather than prosecutors.

Thus, in addition to abortion clinics, the law allows women who abort after 6 weeks and those who help them, provide financial support for the abortion or take them to the clinic, to sue individuals and receive at minus $ 10,000 in compensation.
The law has been criticized for contradicting previous US Supreme Court rulings that states cannot prohibit abortion until 22-24 weeks, when the fetus is certain to be viable, and is It is not possible for women to find out that they are pregnant for 6 weeks. .

The United States Supreme Court failed to act after a petition filed in Texas to prevent the law passed in May from coming into force on September 1.

With that, US President Joe Biden criticized the Supreme Court and said the court allowing such an abortion ban was “a major attack on the constitutional rights of women.”

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