US forest fires continue: 8 people missing

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Forest fires, which have lasted for about 3 weeks in the US state of California, affect some settlements, while the death toll is growing.

Announcing that at least 8 people were missing in the so-called “Dixie” fires, which were recorded as the “3rd largest blaze in state history,” Pulmas district officials said the search for missing persons continues.

Sharing information that an area of ​​more than 1,800 square kilometers has been burned down, authorities noted that 21% of the fires have been brought under control so far, but with the help of weather conditions, the flames in more areas will be brought under control in a few days.


Due to the Dixie Fire, the historic northwestern town of Greenville, which was home to more than 800 people, was completely destroyed and more than 180 buildings became unusable.

The United States’ National Interagency Fire Center has announced that more than 3 million acres of land have been ashed in more than 37,000 fires across the country since the start of this year.

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