US President Joe Biden congratulates new Israeli President Herzog

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US President Biden, in a written statement, said he congratulated Herzog on his sincere wishes for his new post.

In his statement, Biden noted that Herzog had worked hard to build bridges between Israel’s security and Jewish communities throughout his career, adding: “I am confident that the partnership between the United States and Israel will continue. to grow and deepen during his presidency. »Makes his assessment.

Biden also thanked current Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, whose term ends on July 9.

Israeli lawmakers met yesterday to elect President Reuevn Rivlin’s successor, whose term expires on July 9.

Former Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog and Moroccan-born Zionist activist Miriam Peretz, who lives in the Jewish settlement of Givat Ze’ev, between the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, participated in the vote in parliament.

Herzog won 87 votes out of 120 MPs in the first round, while his opponent Peretz won 27 votes, making Isaac Herzog the 11th president of the country.

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