Vaccination stage from Hungary: more privileges for those who obtain an identity card!

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In Hungary, which ranks second in the European Union (EU) in relation to the population vaccinated against the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Kovid-19), the identity given to those who have vaccinated offers these people various amenities in social life.

With the number of people vaccinated against Kovid-19 on April 30 in Hungary surpassing 4 million, some measures previously taken to prevent the epidemic from spreading have been lifted.

In the country where the curfew is taken from 11:00 p.m. to midnight and the shopping time in stores is extended until 11:00 p.m., those who have a vaccine ID may benefit from more opportunities than those who do not. do not have any.

For example, only people with a vaccine ID can visit indoor areas of restaurants, hotels, zoos, museums, theaters, cinemas, and libraries with their children, and can also use swimming pools and parks. sports halls to watch the matches in the stadium.

In Hungary, which has a population of around 9.7 million, as of April 2, 42 percent of the population, or 4 million of 73 people, had been vaccinated. Those who wish to be vaccinated can currently access Sinopharm and AstraZeneca vaccines.

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While the vaccination rate according to the population of EU countries remains at 24 percent, it can be seen that Malta, which has only 178,000 inhabitants, outperforms Hungary with a rate of 45 percent.

As of April 29, 2 million 563 thousand doses of Pfizer-BioNtech, 2 million 100 thousand doses of Sinopharm, 1 million 800 thousand doses of Sputnik V, 1 million 110 thousand doses of AstraZeneca, 367 thousand doses of Moderna and 52 thousand 8 million vaccine doses reached in total, including the Janssen dose.

Although Hungarians do not agree on providing facilities for those who are vaccinated, they are responding to the prevention of free movement in the EU for those who have received Kovid-19 vaccines who have not been approved by the EU.

Speaking to AA correspondent on the subject, Hungarian citizen Norbert said that it is perfectly normal for vaccinated people to enjoy various privileges in the country, but he does not accept the discussion on the free movement of vaccinated people in the EU.

Norbert said: “(Provide facilities for people who have been vaccinated) I totally agree with this decision, I agree 100%. You have to prove if there is a vaccine. Obtaining of certain benefits or rights ultimately depends on vaccination. (EU blockade of free movement) I don’t think this is fair. Personally, I accept the (vaccine) accepted by any country of EU. I don’t think vacation abroad will be common this year either. So it will be a big problem. I also think that some countries may make different decisions eg Greece, Sputnik, where many Hungarians are going. He can explain that he will also take to the country those who are vaccinated against V. ”he spoke.

Norbert said he received the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

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Another Hungarian companion said that although he is a fan of vaccines, the vaccine should not be compulsory and everyone should be able to make their own decision.

Mate said: “(Providing facilities for people who have been vaccinated) I partly agree with that. Because when you look at it, businesses and stores also have the right to choose their own customers. disagree that it should become the law. I think it is discrimination. For example, a cafe or a bank, if it says that I accept people who have been vaccinated, it has the right to do it, whether or not it is a correct business move. ”he spoke.

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Regarding the debate on free movement in the EU, Mate said the vaccine should not become a political issue just because the vaccine is produced in China or Russia, because as a result, citizens will be harmed.

Fanni, who opposes the identity of the vaccine applied in the country, “I think separating people as if they have a vaccine identity is absolute discrimination. As far as I know, it is forbidden to do this kind of discrimination after World War II No one can be forced to get vaccinated. They cannot be denied access to places of entertainment, restaurants, hotels. “It means restricting the basic rights of people.” He spoke Under the form.

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According to data shared by the Hungarian Ministry of Health, 726 new cases were detected in the last 24 hours, the total number of cases rose to 784 thousand 837 and the number of those who lost their lives increased by 137 at 28 thousand 45.

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