Vaccine coup against Johnson and Johnson! Another country has taken off

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The health administration, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), was reminded of the announcement that the company Johnson and Johnson could find a link between very rare cases of blood clotting with the vaccine developed against Kovid- 19. In the statement that the Kovid-19 outbreak was under control in Denmark and that the program was proceeding well with other vaccines, it was noted that Johnson and Johnson’s Kovid-19 vaccine had been withdrawn from the program because it was not worth the risk.


In the country where 8.2 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, given in a single dose, have been ordered, no information has been shared on which vaccines to give. Continuing the Kovid-19 vaccination program with Biontech / Phfizer and Moderna vaccines, Denmark withdrew the AstraZeneca vaccine from its vaccination schedule on April 14.

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