“We betrayed them,” he said, and he revealed the terrible truth: the Taliban called and …

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British journalist and writer Nadane Ghouri is helping people get out of Afghanistan. He had previously worked for the BBC, reporting in Afghanistan and training journalists. Late last week, as the Taliban threat to the capital Kabul grew, Ghouri and others with ties to Afghanistan drew up lists of people who were due to leave the country. Ghouri told the BBC that he is currently working non-stop.

“We are an informal group of journalists, aid workers and diplomats that includes everyone who has worked in Afghanistan. We have met over the past few days and are coordinating our efforts to reach the people on the evacuation list. parts of the world and it’s spontaneous. “

The developments have been so rapid that everyone has been caught off guard. No one expected the Taliban to reach Kabul so quickly.

As they approached the city, we began to share information about the plight of the people. People from different parts of the country tried to keep in touch with us as much as possible. Those who are stuck at home have sent us SOS messages.

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For example, a news anchor who presented the news last week is currently in hiding.

A Westerner who heads a non-governmental organization wants to get the girls out of his projects and their families out of the country, and says no one is helping him.

Some people are really in critical condition. They have children with them and they don’t have food.

A man we want to evacuate is still on the move as the Taliban put pressure on his family. Their relatives are threatened with reprisals if they do not hand over their family members.

We know that the Taliban scans social media to try to find people linked to international groups or foreigners. They know people’s phone numbers and now they’re calling and saying, “We’re coming to get you.

Some people have received death threat letters. They are being targeted for things they have done in the past that the Taliban consider un-Islamic.

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There is a big difference between what the Taliban say internationally and what they do on the ground. Taliban leaders may not have full control of power in their hands and their soldiers may act with immunity. There is gang order in some areas.

Some of the most prominent women are the most at risk.

What is very embarrassing is that so many women with links to institutions around the world are currently blocked. Westerners liked to put pictures of women in government funded projects to show that our intervention was working. These women trusted us. They were our friends and allies. We betrayed them a lot.

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It’s terribly sad, but we have to assess those who are most at risk and who will be the first on the deportation list, because we cannot help everyone at the same time. Right now, women are the priority, especially women with children.

We betrayed them, he said, and revealed the terrible truth: the Taliban called and ...

I have about 30 emergencies and more are still coming.

We compile information and give it to human rights organizations that create databases. These are then handed over to the governments which organize the evacuations. It horrifies me that well-meaning volunteers are collecting this information. Some are overwhelmed by stress and fatigue.

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A large number of Western embassies and government workers are constantly working to help us, but their formal systems are not yet in place and governments are not responding quickly enough to organize evacuation flights.

NATO countries should step in and expand access to temporary visas.

Databases are available, but centralized international evacuation coordination is required for evacuation lists and flight coordination. Either by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or by NATO. Without it, names are repeated in different countries and seats on planes are lost. The window of opportunity to evacuate people is now open, but that window is closing quickly.

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We betrayed them, he said, and revealed the terrible truth: the Taliban called and ...

We have heard that the Taliban have set up checkpoints outside the airport and do not allow entry to those who do not have evacuation or travel documents. Thus, half of the rescue flights leave empty.

Foreign governments must get involved in the rescue process. They created this mess, and they should do their best to fix it. “

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