White House: Erdogan-Biden meeting is an opportunity

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Psaki answered questions from reporters on the plane as US President Biden traveled from Washington to the UK.

When asked what his expectations were for the bilateral meeting that President Erdogan and Biden will hold in Brussels on June 14, Psaki said: “This relationship is a place where we believe we need to continue to work together constructively, where there are areas and opportunities, but also where we have serious disagreements The relationship with the NATO partner. This is an opportunity to have face to face diplomacy as the President Biden considers it important to prioritize bilateral talks on his first visit abroad.

When asked what topics would be on the table at the meeting, Psaki said: “I am sure they will discuss regional security issues affecting the global community, as well as Kovid-19 and the economy. . As the time for the meeting approaches, we will have more details. ” gave the answer.


The first stop on US President Biden’s tour, which began today, will be England. Biden will meet Prime Minister Boris Johnson and British Queen Elizabeth II and attend the G7 summit from June 11-13.

Biden will travel to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, on June 13, after England. Biden, who will attend the NATO summit on June 14, will have his first face-to-face meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoipan as president. Bilateral relations are expected to be discussed in detail during the meeting.

Biden will attend the US-EU summit in Brussels on June 15 and then meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16.

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