White House Spokesman Psaki: We are working with Turkey and Qatar on the overhaul of Kabul airport

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In his daily press briefing, Psaki made assessments on the US withdrawal process from Afghanistan and the latest developments.

Psaki stressed that everyone should be sure that the United States will do everything possible to evacuate its citizens who remained in Afghanistan and that it is important that the Kabul Hamid Karzai airport be opened in this regard.

Expressing that the opening of the airport is in everyone’s interest, Psaki said: “The most specific issue that we are working on here, with the Turks and the Qataris, who are important partners, is the reoperation of the civilian side of the airport. Thus, not only the evacuation of people, but also the delivery of humanitarian aid through programs such as the World Food Program, it will be possible. ”makes his assessment.

Defending the US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, Psaki said US President Joe Biden will do anything to expel Americans who are still in Afghanistan but want to leave.

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Psaki also said talks with the Taliban regarding the evacuation of those wishing to leave Afghanistan will continue.

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