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The Taliban, who took control of the country after the United States withdrew from Afghanistan 20 years later, are back on the global agenda. The Taliban have thousands of gunmen outside their leadership. Most of them joined the Taliban at a young age and spent half their lives in the mountains. The biggest source of motivation is hostility towards the United States. The Taliban see themselves as an organization that will take over the administration. They refer to themselves as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. However, at the lowest level, which appears to be the unpredictable group of the Taliban, there are uneducated armed youth, mostly illiterate. Some of those who joined the Taliban were educated in madrasas in Pakistan, and there are very few university graduates among them.


Most of the Taliban fighters, which means “students” in Pashtun, one of Afghanistan’s official languages, are also Pashtuns. The majority of those who joined the Taliban returned to Afghanistan after receiving a madrasah and armed training in Pakistan and began to fight against US and NATO forces. Most of the senior Taliban members received religious education in the madrasas, while a small number went to university. Most of its lower-ranking gunmen have joined the Taliban from the countryside. While the greatest support for the Taliban comes from rural areas, their ultra-conservative values ​​are also more adopted in rural areas. Although Pashto is the dominant language among the Taliban, there are also those who speak Persian, Arabic, English and some Turkish.


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Most of the gunmen in the lower ranks of the Taliban are illiterate. Warriors in this lower tier are considered “unpredictable,” meaning the group that is unpredictable when and what they will do. This group which opposes it, inflicts violence on those who do not respect Taliban rules, carries out executions without challenge, is implicated in incidents such as wrongful detentions and kidnappings, sowed fear among Afghans who are not members of the Taliban. They do not receive any money or wages from the Taliban, even their needs such as clothes and shoes are met by their families. The Taliban provide these people with arms and ammunition. If they fall ill or injure themselves during a conflict, the Taliban pays for their treatment. One of the first rules to rise in Taliban Sharia is devotion to religion.


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The Taliban now participate in city checkpoints, downtown areas and guard government institutions. This armed group is said to be part of the military and police once the Taliban begins to rule the state. Among the Taliban, where it is forbidden to cut a beard and listen to music, it is strictly forbidden to wear tight dresses, to smoke and to be with single women.


Abdulmetin Abdulresul (31): Married and father of 4 children. He studied law and medicine. After completing his studies, he joined the Taliban and now occupies the post of chief of checkpoints at the entrance to the capital, Kabul. 6 years in the armed wing of the Taliban; “The infidels have invaded our country and attacked our honor and our religion. He persecuted the Afghans. I started to fight with a gun in my hand. Today, the victory belongs to the mujahedin. I have no expectations in the new state, I am not receiving a salary. I get the biggest salary for fighting in the path of Allah.

Husame Haji Fazil Mohammed (22): He joined the Taliban 6 years ago, gave up his studies in the madrasa and took a gun in his hand. Although it is banned by the Taliban, it uses a plant like Marai powder which is sucked under the tongue. “We are not allowed to smoke, but it is the plant. We are also not asked to use it, which is prohibited, I use it to relax. Many mujahedin use it, ”he says.

Who and what are the Taliban in the streets?

Lutfirahman Abdullatif (30): He joined the Taliban at the age of 17 while studying in a madrasa. After a short training, he picked up a gun and took part in the conflict. Now he is stopping vehicles with heavy machine guns at checkpoints in Kabul and carrying out identity checks. “They invaded our land, they killed our people. They took us away from our religion. The war ended with the victory of the Mujahedin.

Who and what are the Taliban in the streets?

Kudrettullah Amanallah (33): Shortly after their marriage, American soldiers attacked their village. He allegedly detained and tortured some people. After the Americans left the village, he went to join the Taliban. “We have been persecuted by America on our occupied land. I went to join the Taliban to fight, I fought the infidels in the mountains for 6 years. Kabul was the “gate to paradise” for me, for many mujahedin. Allah gave me the opportunity to see that we took Kabul from the hands of the infidels, ”he said, explaining his reason for joining the Taliban.

Who and what are the Taliban in the streets?

To you Abdullah Abdulkabir (22): He was educated in madrasas in Pakistan. He went to Afghanistan and started working in the military wing of the Taliban. “How do you live? How do you cook your meals?”, “We couldn’t even find dry bread for days. Food is meaningless as long as we live. We have been in the mountains, under trees, in caves and sometimes in houses hosted by families who love us.Now we can stay in our own house.

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