Who ordered the execution? Reason was amazed

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Kim Jong-un, the world’s most controversial leader of the world’s most closed country, is back on the agenda with a decision he has made.

In recent weeks, a death sentence has been handed down by North Korea, which has declared war in “Western fashion” and bans the wearing of objects of this culture.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has ordered the death penalty for at least 10 people, according to reports based on local sources by British media.

The crimes of those executed have been cited as using Chinese telephone networks to keep in touch with their families in South Korea.

According to the same news, the executions took place in public in front of hundreds of people.

It is also among reports that the country’s ruling party and secret police have arrested around 150 people for similar “crimes” since March.

In the country that has waged war on “capitalist products” in recent weeks, anything that represents this culture has been banned.

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In this context, it was announced that people possessing a product belonging to South Korea would be sentenced to the heaviest sentence.

The following statements were included in the article published on the subject in the Rodong Sinmun party newspaper;

“History teaches us a very important lesson that if we do not stick to our own way of life, a country can become vulnerable no matter how strong economic and defensive it is, and ultimately collapse like a wet wall.”

The article declared that “We must be attentive to the slightest sign of the capitalist way of life and fight to get rid of it.”

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