WHO – The fight against China intensifies in Kovid-19: Rejection of the new research team sent from China to Wuhan!

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We still don’t have certain information on where and how the coronavirus, which has been part of our lives for almost 2 years, came out. Wuhan’s virology lab, which has been on the agenda since the outbreak began, is back at the center of discussions with a new report.

Although the WHO said it could not find a link between the virus and the Wuhan laboratory, those claims again emerged with statements from a World Health Organization (WHO) inspector.

According to the Sun’s information, Dr. Ben Embarek said the virus may have been passed on to a scientist or lab worker working with bats in the Wuhan lab.

Embarek pointed out that it is quite possible that “patient zero”, that is, the first person infected with the coronavirus, is a laboratory worker. “An employee who was infected while taking samples in the field is a highly probable hypothesis,” said Dr Ben Embarek, noting that the team found no direct evidence for this. However, with that, eyes turned to the Wuhan lab again.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has created a new team (delegation) to continue studies on the origin of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).

Following Embarek’s statements, WHO issued a written statement and announced that a new team (delegation) called “SAGO” has been formed to continue studies on the origin of Kovid-19.

Embarek’s statements were not mentioned in the statement.

Recalling that the report on the studies conducted in China was released in March, it was pointed out in the report that studies on the origin of Kovid-19 are expected to continue in the future.


In the statement, the WHO urged all governments to cooperate to accelerate work on the origins of Kovid-19 and “destroy the political nature of the situation,” WHO said, “Research into the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 should not be blamed, singled out or given political points. Reiterates that it has no practice and should not be. ”Phrase has been used.

WHO - Fight against China intensifies in Kovid-19: rejection of new research team sent from China to Wuhan

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In the statement, it was stated that China and some WHO member countries have contacted WHO regarding the “laboratory hypothesis” of the virus, and it was noted that these countries have expressed the opinion that the original study was politicized or that there was political pressure on the WHO. In the statement, it was noted that it is critical to know how the Kovid-19 outbreak started in terms of measures against future viruses.


In the report on the origin of Kovid-19 with the WHO-China joint work, it was suggested that Kovid-19 had been transmitted from bats to humans via another animal. In the report, the possibility of Kovid-19 leaving the lab was presented as “the least likely”.

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WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “I don’t think this assessment is comprehensive enough. More data and studies will be needed to get stronger results.” had made the statement.


Immediately after the WHO announced it wanted to send a new research team, a backlash came from China. China immediately refused WHO’s request to send a research team and the team that had formed. The reason for China’s rejection was that these research requests were far from “scientific” and were purely “political” and were put back on the agenda under political pressure.

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While the “Vuhan Laboratory” theory, which has been the order of the day since the start of the epidemic, is constantly on the agenda, the pressure on Beijing is increasing. Rumors that the start of the epidemic, which killed more than 4 million people, was in the city of Wuhan in China, and that the first patient was one of the scientists working in that laboratory, now express not only by conspiracy. theorists, but also by the WHO and other authorized institutions.

The WHO research team, which first visited China in January 2021, conducted joint research with Chinese scientists, but that first attempt failed. China, on the other hand, said that first research report was sufficient and that the virus had not spread from Wuhan. China also accuses the accusations and requests for research made from the outset to be of political origin.

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WHO - Fight against China intensifies in Kovid-19: rejection of new research team sent from China to Wuhan

“We do not approve of the political follow-up and the abandonment of the first prepared report,” Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said in a statement. He clearly expressed his country’s position on the issue.

The first report prepared by the WHO found that the virus had been transmitted from bats in Wuhan to humans by an intermediate animal and accepted that the “lab leak” theory was largely “unlikely” .

Ma Zhaoxu also rejects the new search request and the team prepared. According to Ma Zhaoxu, the first report has been accepted by both the international community and the scientific community, and new research can only be done on the basis of the results of this report.

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