WHO warning: deaths will continue as long as vaccine inequality persists

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Director-General Ghebreyesus addressed the Global Health Summit hosted by G20 President Italy and the European Union in Rome.

Stating that more than 13 thousand people died yesterday due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19), Ghebreyesus said: “In other words, 9 people died every 1 minute. Today’s figures will be the same as tomorrow’s numbers and tomorrow’s numbers. ” used the expression.

“Yes, the rapid development of Covid-19 vaccines is a triumph of science. However, their unfair distribution is a failure for humanity,” warned Ghebreyesus as global inequality in vaccines continues. found the evaluation.

Ghebreyesus pointed out that nearly 90 percent of the world’s vaccines are given in G20 countries, “We can only end the epidemic if everyone has the means (in their hands) to stop it. ” mentionned.


Addressing the leaders of the G20 countries, Ghebreyesus said: “First, end this epidemic with special public health measures and equitable distribution of vaccines.” He spoke.

Ghebreyesus also urged G20 countries to urgently fund the Global Immunization and Treatment Program (ACT Accelerator) against the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Calling on countries to quickly donate more Kovid-19 vaccines to the WHO’s Covid-19 Global Vaccine Access Program (COVAX), Ghebreyesus said, “Today we thank all the countries that have generously donated donations. These are the hundreds of millions that we will need in the years to come. weeks and months. Very encouraging start to the dose. ” He spoke.

Ghebreyesus stressed that the G20 has all the potential to immunize the world and the world can no longer wait for vaccines.

Calling on countries to strengthen health security nationally and globally, Ghebreyesus said, “The epidemic has shown that health is not a luxury, it is the cornerstone of social, economic and political stability. It will not be the last epidemic. We can prevent some, but we cannot prevent them all. ” He spoke.

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