Why are you firing missiles at the kids, I’m so bored now

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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one of the greatest obstacles to world peace, and not only in the region, continues unabated. The events which turned into a hot conflict due to the increase in blood pressure entered the eighth day yesterday. Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians, targeting Hamas, continue.


According to statistics from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, the number of people who have died as a result of the Israeli attacks since May 10 has risen to 212. 61 of these people are children and 36 of them are women. While the number of injured rose to 1,400, 97 buildings were completely destroyed as a result of the attacks and 4,000,976 houses were damaged. In Gaza, where infrastructure was severely damaged, water, sanitation and electricity networks suffered a total of $ 14 million in damage. The total financial damage in the Gaza Strip amounted to $ 180 million.


Although events in the region are described as a “Palestinian problem” and criminalize the Palestinian people, the overall situation draws attention to the civilian casualties and innocent children growing up in conditions of war. Two Palestinian children rocked social media with their videos. Here is the story of Abdurrahman and Nadine, one of those children who struggled to survive in the midst of conflict and dreamed of the future …

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13-year-old Abdurrahman Eş-Şanti conveyed the pain felt in the region in an English rap song, in which the phrases “Palestine has been occupied for decades but a homeland for centuries”. In the video clip he posted on Twitter, he raps with his kefiye, which is part of Palestinian culture, which he wears around his neck. In the landscape behind the little Palestinian boy, there are houses destroyed in the Israeli attacks and Palestinians looking for their parents and their belongings in the rubble of those houses. In his post shared on social media, Abdurrahman says that the past week has been very difficult for Gaza and that he wanted the whole world to know what happened in Palestine.

Palestinian youth revolt: why are you firing missiles at children, I'm bored now


Abdurrahman expresses the suffering in Gaza with the following words: “We all live within borders full of pain. If you want to see the pain, look at the faces of the people. Imagine being kicked out of the only house you own. While we are praying for our souls, they are praying for our homes. I take care of my sister. Does he deserve this to grow up in a world where he is not treated equally and where he refuses to live freely because of his birthplace? “

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Another symbol of conflict is the video of 10-year-old Nadide Abdullatif speaking to the Middle East Eye in front of buildings destroyed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Nadine says, “I’m bored now. (Pointing to the wreckage) I can’t take care of it anymore. I would like to be a doctor and help my people, but I am just a child, I am only 10 years old. I can not do anything. Why are you firing missiles at children? It’s unfair, ”he expressed his feelings in tears.

Dumb Palestinian children speaking to TRT World said in sign language, “I am a Palestinian child. I want the world to stop the war. “I want to be happy and want the war to end peacefully,” he said.

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