Winter temperatures have hit record highs in New Zealand … The reason is climate change

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The New Zealand National Institute for Aquatic and Atmospheric Research said temperatures averaged 9.8 degrees Celsius (C) for the three months through August, 1.3 degrees Celsius above average at long term and 0.2 degrees Celsius above the previous record released last year.

Nava Fedaeff, a meteorologist at the institute, said that against the backdrop of global warming, warmer than usual winds are coming from the north this year and sea temperatures are higher.

Fedaeff noted that the rising temperature trend can be attributed to the concentration of carbon dioxide in New Zealand.

Fedaeff also cited extreme weather events, including severe flooding in some places and droughts in others.

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Professor James Renwick, a climatologist at Victoria University of Wellington, said the changes are also putting pressure on natural ecosystems and more species will be threatened with extinction over time.

Stating that it is imperative for people to slow their greenhouse gas emissions, Renwick said: “If we don’t get past warming soon, it will be a disaster for much of the world. noted.

Recalling that New Zealand has talked a lot about climate change but has done little to reduce emissions so far, Renwick also said that there are good government policies right now, including a commitment to decarbonize by 2050.

Emphasizing that there are many natural resources such as wind, solar and water that can provide renewable energy for the country’s energy needs, Renwick said: “New Zealand can be the world leader in green energy and the green economy “. he said.

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