Woman evacuated from Afghanistan gives birth on US plane

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The world has been locked in footage of Afghanistan for days.

The footage from Kabul airport, which became the country’s only departure point, especially after the Taliban took Kabul, was heartbreaking.

As dozens of Afghans lost their lives on the journey to Hope, good news came from the region this time around.

According to reports from CNN International, a woman evacuated from Afghanistan gave birth in an American plane.

In the statement on the US Air Force’s Twitter account, it was stated that the pregnant woman on the plane, which was evacuated from Kabul to a US base in the Middle East, began giving birth when the plane left for Ramstein. Air base in Germany.

It was stated in the statement that the woman began to have complications due to the low air pressure during the flight, and the pilot decided to descend to increase the pressure in the cabin, thereby saving the mother’s life.

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In the statement, it was noted that the woman, whose identity was not disclosed, gave birth to a baby girl on the plane just after landing at Ramstein Air Base, and that the mother and the baby were in good condition.

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