Women’s revolt in Kabul: Taliban can’t keep us at home

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After the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, there was great anxiety and fear among the population, as a group of women rebelled against the Taliban. 50 brave Afghan women gathered in Kabul after Herat, waving banners and chanting slogans and marched to the presidential palace. Afghan women in makeup and sunglasses, wearing scarves that leave half their hair down and purple shawls tied around their necks, carried roses in their hands. The Taliban’s heavily armed special unit, ‘Bedri 313’, intervened on the women, whose fronts were cut off by iron barriers. The women, who were pointed at them with guns, resisted, saying, “We are not afraid.


Protesting women gathered in Pul Mahmuthan Square. The women, who were walking towards the presidential palace from the road in front of the Ministry of National Defense, opened banners and chanted slogans to the amazement of the Taliban gunmen.

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“Taliban Taliban, the government cannot be without women, we do not know you without women”, “You cannot talk to women, we studied law, medicine, economics. You can’t keep us at home. We want our freedom, our rights, our jobs ”,“ A sexist, no government without women ”,“ We ​​won’t surrender until we die ”,“ We ​​are determined, we will get our rights ”,“ Without women’s rights, you have no legitimacy, the Taliban, ”the women walked about a mile.

Women's revolt in Kabul: Taliban can't keep us at home

Tear gas and washing

Placing an iron barrier on the road, the Taliban asked the women to stop their march. When the women, who said they wanted to lay a crown in front of the palace, wanted to continue the march, their foreheads were closed by an iron barrier. As talks continued between the women and Taliban military officials, the heavily armed Taliban special unit “Bedri 313” arrived. The Bedri 313 teams pointed guns at women, threw tear gas canisters, and then started hitting some women with whips. Inflicting violence on everyone gathered around, the Taliban also intervened and detained international media reporters who followed the women for a short time. The women, confronted with the cannons of heavy weapons, exclaim: “We are not afraid. After the intervention, the women dispersed before being able to lay a wreath at the Palace.

Women's revolt in Kabul: Taliban can't keep us at home


We spoke with representatives of 50 courageous Afghan women who rebelled against the Taliban. Remziye Abdulhey said, “We opposed the Taliban to protect our rights. We want our rights, our struggle will continue until our rights are granted. Feride Suleymani said: “I worked in the branch dealing with women’s rights. The unrest began with the arrival of the Taliban. The Taliban said, “There will be no women in our government.” How is he going to give our rights when we don’t even include women in government? We will continue until we get our rights. The Taliban don’t like what we do, but we want our voices to be heard. May the international community hear our voice. Everyone should know that women will not bow, they will rise up against them and we will wage our war.

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