Women’s Support Event for the Taliban in Kabul

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As part of the Taliban Support Program, which took place in the conference hall of the Kabul University of Education in Afshar, Kabul, female student representatives gave speeches in Persian, Arabic and English .

The representatives said in their speeches that women’s rights to education and employment will be upheld under Islamic rules.

In the speeches, the Prophet of Islam Hz. Stories from the time of Muhammad were told and the importance of Islamic life and the headscarf was mentioned. During the show, dozens of women chanted slogans in favor of the Taliban and Afghanistan.

After the program, the women marched down the main street in front of the university, accompanied by extensive security measures.


Protesters holding banners, “Women leaving Afghanistan do not represent us” and “We support the Taliban order.” chanted slogans.

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On the other hand, yesterday, the United Nations (UN) called on the Taliban, who have taken control of Afghanistan, to immediately cease “the use of force and arbitrary detentions” against journalists and participants in peaceful protests across the country.

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