World champion wrestler Sushil Kumar accused of murder

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According to the BBC report, Indian authorities said Sushil Kumar was charged with the death of a person in a brawl between two groups of athletes at the Chhatrasal Stadium in the nation’s capital New Delhi on 4 may.

In the police statement, it was recorded that Olympic athlete Sushil Kumar was charged with murder and premeditated manslaughter in the incident where 23-year-old wrestler Sagar Dhankar died as a result of the fray.

His lawyer, Pradeep Rana, who said the athlete did not accept the accusations, said powerful people who intended to reckon with his client tried to implicate him in the incident.

Rana, who said there were no eyewitnesses to the incident, said: “Two groups of wrestlers were fighting. When Kumar arrived at the place where they were fighting, they all fled the scene. mentionned.

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In local media news, the incident allegedly involving the athlete allegedly occurred due to a property dispute, while the close relationship between criminal organizations and wrestlers was highlighted.

Kumar’s wrestling trainer and former wrestling partner Kripa Shankar pointed out that members of the criminal organization also frequently used the nickname “pehelwan” used for wrestlers in the country, and said people understood. wrong that the wrestlers were members of a criminal organization.

Police said Dhankar was killed in a scuffle with a group of 20 people at Chhatrasal Stadium in New Delhi, the nation’s capital, on May 4.

In the post-incident investigation, a shotgun and 3 cartridges belonging to this weapon were seized from the back seat of a vehicle parked outside the stadium. Bloodstained bamboo sticks believed to have been used in combat were also found in the parking lot.

Police said Kumar was among those involved in the fight and announced that a prize of 100,000 rupees (approximately $ 1,500) would be given to anyone who reported the wrestler’s location.

Kumar was arrested on May 23 in New Delhi on charges against him.

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