World Health Organization (WHO) warning to wear a mask after the coronavirus (corona virus) vaccine

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Harris answered questions about the Kovid-19 outbreak during the regular weekly press conference held at the United Nations office in Geneva.

“Current vaccines are very effective in preventing serious illness or death if infected.” Harris said, stressing that those who have received two doses of the vaccine should continue to wear masks.

“What we want is to reduce the transmission (of the virus). So we don’t know (yet) if the vaccines will prevent transmission. So wearing your mask is preventing transmission when you are in close contact. , in a crowd, or in a confined space, and where you can’t get out of that confined space, ”Harris said.

Stressing that wearing a mask will reduce the risk of transmitting Kovid-19 variants, Harris stressed that wearing a mask alone would not be enough to prevent the spread of the virus.

Harris stressed that all general public health measures should be followed, such as obeying social distancing rules, avoiding crowds and closed spaces, taking all precautions when going out and ventilating rooms.

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Reiterating that scientists do not yet know whether vaccines will help reduce transmission, Harris said, “We think they (vaccines) help that but don’t do everything. That’s why we asked you to take d ‘other precautions. ” used the sentences.


According to figures provided to the WHO, 2.16 billion doses of Kovid-19 vaccine have been administered worldwide, bringing the total number of cases to 174 million and the number of deaths to 3.8 million.

In the statement made by the organization on May 21, 2021, it was reported that the number of deaths worldwide from Kovid-19 may be 2-3 times the number confirmed by the WHO.

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